Susanne Britz & Maja Rohwetter

Located at
Axel Obiger
Brunnenstraße 29
10119 Berlin

19.8. 2022 – 17. 9. 2022

Photographed by
Eric Tchernow
Susanne Britz

supported by
Stiftung Kunstfonds

In Susanne Britz’s and Maja Rohwetter’s work the confrontation with a present that is overshaped by material is the starting point for a processual investigation that focuses on the permanent transformation between analog and digital, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, representational and abstract visual worlds.
Based on a performative concept of drawing Susanne Britz transforms scaffold-like installations of everyday objects into photographs. These become the foil for digital overdrawings, which are subsequently plotted out as pigment prints and presented in an installation-like manner.
Her formulaic visual language combines heterogeneous media and objects of diverse origins into surreal, often stage-like spatial collages that can be interpreted as fragile and open-ended experimental arrangements.
Illusion is simultaneously asserted and negated as emergence is made visible and simultaneously called into question. Her cosmic compositions appear unstable and energetic. Pictorial elements appear more like state forms than solid pictorial structures.
By combining and contrasting different levels of representation and meaning, the relationship between painting, installation and drawing as a free gesture and a form of appropriation of the world is explored anew.

Exhibition text