Pigment print on FineArt Papier, framed

problem_1, 2011
68 x 90 cm
problem_4, 2011
68 x 90 cm
problem_2, 2011
120 x 90 cm
problem_3, 2011
106 x 80 cm
problem_5, 2011
110 x 140 cm

Ed. 3 plus 2AP

View Neues Kunsthaus Wiesbaden,
Kunstverein Ahlen, liraum, larum laborum, Susane Britz & malatsion, 2015

The work of Susanne Britz moves at the interface between photography, drawing, installation and sculpture. Susanne Britz creates lyrically proliferating associative structures from drawing, postcards and overpainted prints. We see everyday utensils such as water pistols, curling irons, and colorful clotheslines that seem like laboratory experiments. The starting point of her work is often the drawing, with which an idea, a form, first takes shape, and then, through further steps, is colorfully declined and played through in a variety of ways. In the process, forms emerge that lead a certain life of their own and find themselves as surreal metamorphoses in space. Reality becomes a laboratory experiment. Writing appears in the work, even comments, scribbles, again and again colored lines that make relationships between things visible. Cryptic number systems refer to secret formulas with which reality can hardly be grasped. The work seems like a laboratory arrangement, from which an associative leap to a further complex of meanings and possibilities of perception can be ventured. The viewer succeeds in this if he lets himself in and does not so much search for a formulated meaning, but rather wants to explore the space between the things.

Dr. Klaus Kleinschmid, Quote from the catalogue BRITA Kunstpreis, Künstlerische Fotografie, Wasser – Linien – Perspektiven, 2012