Performative installation,
since 2010

Located at
Petersburger Str. 76a
10249 Berlin

Galerie Deutschordenschloss
Deutschherrenstr. 18
97697 Münnerstadt

Installation of overdrawn photographs on various materials, wallpaper table, projection screen, bouncy ball, lamp, utilitarian materials from the artist’s inventory as well as objects from the exhibition site & two lab books.

Variable dimensions

The workplace is the starting point of the processual and also sculptural work Meta’s Labor. The combination of work table and projection screen refers to the conditions of origin of Susanne Britz’s work, which is constituted between the media of drawing, photography and installation. The table serves for drawing, the projection screen for photographic installations and is at the same time the sculptural overall structure of the work. In addition to materials brought by the artist, site-specific objects from the exhibition spaces were primarily used. Through the materials and their arrangement, the workspace takes on the character of an experimental arrangement, whose meaning and inner connections become the object of research for the viewer.

Metas Labor, lab book 2, 2014 – 2019
Arithmetic booklet with collaged digital printouts & sketches, 96 pages, 30 x 20 cm