Trockenleitung_pc, 2020

Located at

raum für bild, wort, ton
Brunnenstraße 63
13355 Berlin

cite-specific Installation
450 x 280 x 120 cm

Installation consisting of drying rack, rod tubes and various objects belonging to the artist and the exhibition space on a hanging cord

Photographed by
Hans-Georg Gaul

In her installations and digital prints, philosophical thoughts on experimental set-ups are intertwined with formal aspects of artistic-sculptural action.
Susanne Britz assembles fragile linear structures from often colourful products that originate from different worlds, which are sometimes only stabilized by a hanging cord. In terms of content, this tightrope act is also about conflicting forces and the integration of everyday worlds that are actually incompatible.
With the help of photography, these floating structures are fixed and then gesturally overdrawn in a formulaic manner using a computer mouse. Each of these choreographies can be a possible starting point for a new installation, a new drawing, which each time leaves the viewer with the question of the meaningfulness and the ways of reading the decoding of these formations.

exhibition text “6 aus 192”, oqbo, 2020