Trockenleitung_TUBE, 2023 

Located at
studio im HOCHHAUS
Zingster Strasse 25
13051 Berlin

as part of the exhibition
29. 11. 2023 – 6. 2. 2024

Installation in situ with drying racks, household objects, tools, toys, expanders and plastic pipes

Dimensions: 6,5 x 5,8 x 3m

Photographed by
Frank Möllenberg

Swirling around the central pillar of the exhibition space are 16 steel-grey clothes drying racks, which are decorated with colorful objects such as corrugated plastic pipes, ropes, all kinds of household objects, tools and toys, used and new, mass-produced and unique, and which are held both visually by the equilibristics of the color and statically by a blue tension belt stretched around the central pillar of the exhibition space.
In large arcs, colorful corrugated plastic pipes wind through the metal laundry racks and finally disappear into the ceiling opened around the pillar, so that the installation makes contact with the area of the high-rise building’s supply lines and opens up a space for speculation on the relationship between the installation and the high-rise building.
The organic course of the pipes, as well as the wadded and hairy materials, such as wigs and other textile objects, give the underlying crystalline structure of the interlocking laundry racks an organic appearance and form a counterweight to the rectangular and functional architecture of the exhibition space.

To experience the installation, you have to walk around it. No two sides are alike, each side protrudes into the space differently and relates to the large-format pigment prints displayed on the wall, picking up on their themes and props. The cowboys, for example, seem to tumble from the print into the installation, while a telescope is directed from the installation towards the neighboring print. It is about an interplay of two and three-dimensional work formats that have a multi-layered relationship with each other and are linked by the concept of the sketch. Similar to the fleetingness of the line, the objects within the installation are deliberately connected to each other provisionally by being jammed, threaded or held together by balancing.
Allowing relationships to develop and at the same time questioning them is the major theme of the artist, who focuses on the absurd and surreal aspects of our everyday reality and uses the objects to balance physical weight, form and color as well as philosophical levels of meaning.
The end of the tensioning strap that falls coquettishly into the installation is thrown at the viewer’s feet so that they can shimmy along it or other strings laid out by the artist. Those who dare to embark on this adventure embark on a pleasurable search for their own path in the thicket of multiple perspectives on offer.

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