Trockenleitung_TUBE, 2023 

Located at
studio im HOCHHAUS
Zingster Strasse 25
13051 Berlin

as part of the exhibition
29. 11. 2023 – 6. 2. 2024

Installation in situ with drying racks, household objects, tools, toys, expanders and plastic pipes

Dimensions: 6,5 x 5,8 x 3m

Photographed by
Frank Möllenberg

The starting point and primary design medium of the floating installation Trockenleitung_TUBE are everyday and household objects from genuinely non-artistic areas of life, such as used metal laundry racks, colored drainage pipes, disused toys, sports equipment and tools – old and new, unique and mass-produced which are condensed into a complex sketch-like spatial drawing in a space-related and processual manner using stretchable expanders. In this artistic activity Britz is not interested in the individual object as such but in its interaction in a network of relationships. Fragile balances are balanced in a multi-layered way and staged in a stage-like, humorous manner.
Through the opening in the suspended ceiling the installation makes contact with the space hidden behind it, which is interspersed with supply lines from the high-rise building. The suspension of the installation from a blue tensioning strap around the central pillar of the exhibition space is made visible and playfully continued.

Exhibition text