LEITUNG, 2018-21
Digital pigment print on light box film
150 x 100 cm | Auflage 3 + 2 AP

View: ready ready made, Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, 2021

“Susanne Britz digital drawing opens up a free associative space between concrete object and abstract line. For this, she has arranged everyday objects into an absurd-looking still life and then photographed them. On view are an upside-down ladder, a metal rake, and a garden chair complete with funnel, landing net, propeller, and clamp. In a second step, the artist digitally processes the photograph by drawing the objects together with the computer mouse: an arrow points from the rake to the deck chair, and dashed lines lead from the deck chair to the ladder. Numbers, formulas, complement the supposedly scientific calculation, which is not a measurement of reality, but reveals the surreal behind things. With her thoroughly painterly approach, the artist provides a surprising view of reality. The linking of reality and virtuality is a lived experience today. In Susanne Britz’s digital drawing, however, it experiences an exaggeration that is as humorous as it is poetic.”

Nicola Kuhn, Jury statement for the Losito Art Prize

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