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KUR-(ona) Stipendium Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral

Located at
Made in Balmoral
Römerstraße 27
56130 Bad Ems

16. – 30. April, 2021

Curated by
Olga Vostretsova

Photographed by
Tobias Vollmer
Susanne Britz

For her installations the artist uses objects that are predominantly industrially produced for spheres of life far removed from art. Their ordinary colorfulness – be it the yellow of a spirit level, the orange color of a construction site helmet, or the blue from the edge protector – is given a heightened intensity by the connections Britz makes between the objects. Through playful interventions Susanne Britz recodes these things, which almost become performance subjects in the process.
Profane objects, such as the 16 clothes racks used for an installation in Bad Ems, or the tools that usually remain behind the scenes or in the studio, enter the stage of art.
They form novel formations or “surreal experimental arrangements,” as the artist herself calls them.
The installations, rich in detail, invite the audience to observe and decipher them intensively. According to Niklas Luhmann, “there is something common in the construction of new media / form relations that aim at being observed and only become comprehensible if one understands that.”

Olga Vostretsova, Kuratorin