OSTWEST, 2008-09

Lambda prints
laminated & framed
60 x 80 cm
edition of 10 + 2 AP

Gallery Deutschordensschloss
Münnerstadt, 2022

Subway station
Weinmeisterstraße Berlin, 2008

In the work “ostwest” a two-dimensional space dominates the photographs. Unlike the urban nomads who are depicted in motion yet remain at a standstill, there is activity in the photographs of this series: people are really striding, running, walking, to which the blurring of people caused by movement testifies. It is not for nothing that Susanne Britz has deliberately placed the theme of passage in these two series of photographs: It is the passage and the passing that is structurally laid out here as well as there. In her work, the transit points street and sidewalk become imaginative open spaces of action that symbolize movement especially in the figurative sense of progress.

Excerpt from: Passagen-Werke: Der Gehsteig als Transitort by Rainer Hoffmann, catalog Raumgänger for the exhibition by Susanne Britz, Galerie Saalbau, Berlin, 2010.