zeichnend Welt begreifen

Located at
Galerie Parterre
Danziger Str. 101
10405 Berlin

30.11.2022 – 5.2.2023

Curated by
Anton Schwarzbach
Dorit Trebeljahr

Baumwart (candy plant), Collage auf Pigmentdruck, 2020
Trockenleitung_CONstellar, 2022
nathan, Lambda-Print, 2009

Work on the right side of the picture:
Hanna Hennenkemper

Photographed by
Marjorie Brunet Plaza
Susanne Britz

Detect – understanding the world through drawing brings together twenty drawing positions with their different approaches to drawing in order to fathom the world, to perceive its nature. Alongside classical drawings are drawing installations and collages. Thematically the works provide insights into current events, their artistic perception, and also into unnoticed everyday occurrences. The pivotal point remains drawing as a means of artistic formulation. Thus, the selected positions reflect the broad spectrum that can be found in the issues of Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text.

Founded in 2007 the artists’ magazine celebrates its 15th anniversary with this exhibition. The 25th issue of the magazine on the theme of detect 2022 will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Anton Schwarzbach I Dorit Trebeljahr