About collecting and archiving

I collect all the contradictory things that our everyday life has to offer. Many of the objects appear several times over the years, their appearance changes in the respective context. A second source is the collection of my photo drawings and photographs, which I archive both analog in the form of sketchbooks and digitally.

About the performative act of integration

I combine the fragmentary things of our everyday life into complex spatial installations. Combine concepts of photography and drawing, combine analog and digital work and search for a point of condensation of objects, themes and formats, where a surreal poetry begins to emerge. In doing so, I simultaneously balance the meanings and weights.

ÜberZeichnung as concept

I draw what is between things; what penetrates and connects different things; what expands the scope of things. Drawing expands into photography, into installation, into space, is print, is construct, is sketchbook, is experimental arrangement, is philosophy.

About transformation as a process

I transform the three-dimensionality of the installations, staged as if on a stage, into the surface by means of digital photography. This becomes the background for an overdrawing on the computer. The resulting pigment prints are both representational and abstract, drawing as well as photography, image as well as sculpture, digital as well as analog.


Video portrait Susanne Britz

Video: kulturbuero nr5