mounted and framed

lab_3, 2009
78 x 106 cm
nathan, 2009
58 x 88 cm
mushroom_3, 2009
40 x 60 cm
ohne Titel, 2006
78 x 118 cm
plastikblume, 2009
78 x 58 cm

Ed. 5 / 10

View: Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, junger westen 09, 2009
Galerie Parterre, detect – zeichnend Welt begreifen, Berlin, 2022

Whimsical interiors with a balancing coffee cup on the top of a security pylon or other everyday surrealities can be discovered. Arranged for the camera like a stage, the quirky still lifes sometimes appear as plant portraits, sometimes as studio situations. In the crosshairs: a combination of photography and drawing that, from the very beginning, has focused on crossing media boundaries. Spirals, curvatures, arrow and number diagrams in the form of broken scientific experimental arrangements are the means of choice here, and overdrawing is the appropriate magic formula. As if an everyday life gone mad had become entangled in the web of analysis, these hybrid images tell of life’s balancing act between rationality and poetry.

Quote from junger westen 2009 von Claudia Posca in: Kunstforum International, Bd. 210, 2010, S. 272