TROCKENLEITUNG Schwalbenschwanz

TROCKENLEITUNG_Schwalbenschwanz, 2022

Located at
Galerie im Deutschordensschloss
Deutschherrnstr. 18
97697 Münnerstadt

Installation in situ
with drying racks, household objects, tools, toys, expanders & a light element, private loans as well as objects from the depot of the Henneberg Museum of Münnerstadt

Photographed by
Frank Möllenberg

sponsored by &
Stiftung Kunstfonds

The title Swallowtail suggests an ambiguity. However, while the artist shows us only the curved end, the so-called swallowtail, the drawing of the flag remains wrapped and invisible to us. The flags are integrated into an assemblage of old, interlocking clothes racks filled with colorful objects that emanate from a central and massive wooden column, which is thus integrated into the installation and acts as its center. The filigree metal rods of the clothes racks surrounding the pillar contrast strangely with the massiveness of the pillar, which supports the heavy load of the wooden beam ceiling. Ironically, a small pirate flag refers to the act of piracy that is structurally inherent in Britz’s work and becomes visible when the central architectural element is hijacked and reinterpreted in terms of Britz’s pictorial cosmos.