Needles and thoughts, 2022

Embroidered and sewn photographic foil print

29 x 20 cm I 42 x 30 cm

Sewing thread, lace, braid, eyelets on pigment print on transparent film

The starting point for the work group NEEDLES AND THOUGHTS is a working stay in a former trimmings factory in Treuchtlingen in the summer of 2022.

Surrounded by the huge looms and the artistic decorative textiles of the collections on site, the artist began to reinterpret foil prints.
The underlying pigment prints, most of which were created during the Corona pandemic and some of which have already been shown in installations by the artist, undergo an upcycling in Treuchtlingen. By reworking them with yarns, braids, and laces, the prints take on a new kind of materiality, and at the same time the textile settings reflect the texts and images of the prints, for example, by reworking fonts, emphasizing letters, or deleting them. The sewn line extends the digital line of the prints and transfers the two-dimensional line from the depth, or the past of the print, into a textile overformed present.
In this way, these works establish a connection between analog and digital, modern and traditional, industrial and artisanal working techniques, reflecting the social situation and the specific life situation of an artist during the Corona period.