TROCKENLEITUNG_Lahnblick, 2021

Site-specific and spatial installation

Located at
Made in Balmoral
Römerstraße 27
56130 Bad Ems

with drying racks, everyday objects,
tools, toys &
inventory of the exhibition room
on hanging cord

Variable dimensions

sponsored by Stiftung Rheinland Pfalz für Kultur, NEUSTART KULTURT, LEIFHEIT AG

Clothes horse versus bottle dryer
Susanne Britz’s three-dimensional work also seems to be a sabotage of our sign system and understanding of how things are usually used. Her use of clothes dryers references Marcel Duchamp’s (1887-1968) bottle dryer. This work is the first readymade in which an industrially mass-produced object is declared art. Britz, however, does not present the object solitary, but rather performs a complex arrangement in which the clothes horse is hung upside down and combined with other objects. By balancing objects on a rope, the artist creates unstable states of suspension. Detached from their original purpose of use, they become ambiguously charged through the arrangement, combination, and method of attachment.

Beate Klompmaker, in: Ein Hut, ein Stock, ein Regenschirm; Berlin, 2019