Trockenleitung_UC, 2021 

Located at
Axel Obiger
Brunnenstr. 29
10119 Berlin

as part of the exhibition

under construction
Matthias Beckmann
Susanne Britz
Christiane Schlosser
3.5. 2024 – 1.6.2024

Installation in situ with
drying racks, household items, tools, toys, fishing chair, Crime Scene barrier tape, lime, expanders and corrugated plastic pipes

Dimensions: 3,4 x 3,0 x 2,2 m

Photographed by
Eric Tschnernow
Susanne Britz

Eleven towering metal laundry racks form the geometric framework for the site-specific installation Trockenleitung_UC, which, as part of the exhibition under construction, refers to the theme of construction in a multi-layered way and scrutinises building sites in a laboratory-like manner in an extended sense.
Two colourful corrugated plastic pipes, as used in construction, wind their way criss-cross through the installation and form the organic part together with artefacts reminiscent of hair or fur.

The theme of intertwining becomes visible in the construction in several ways. The inorganic framework is formed by wedging the geometric laundry racks together, while the two corrugated pipes run through the entire installation in generous loops. On the one hand, these pipes refer to the numerous sewage pipes that are visible on Berlin construction sites to drain the groundwater. On the other hand, these pipes also have something physical about them, like veins that penetrate the thicket of the installation, as if they were supplying or vitalising the installation.
Small, absurdly surreal-looking arrangements run through the installation and invite the viewer to discover them. A plastic spider sits high up in a rope and refers to the construction principle of the spider’s web. This is stretched out – just as the entire installation is suspended from elasticated expanders, which are continued by the clothes horse and other objects, which are all connected to each other under tension and woven into a dynamic network. The artist writes: “I balance the weights of the objects while at the same time trying to find the hidden meaning behind them. Everything is connected to everything else, everyday life is the total interaction of our technical achievements and the abysses that accompany them. In this confusion of our living environments, classical forms of orientation and thought patterns are suspended; man is in the process of dissolving completely into the materiality of his own constructions.”

Exhibition text