Located at
Kunstverein Ahlen
Königstraße 7
59227 Ahlen

Spatial Installation
with digital pigment prints,
everyday objects,
tools, colored geometric schematic elements & 2 experiment diaries

Variable dimensions

Two experiment diaries, in which the experiment of several weeks in the context of a fellowship 2011 in the artists’ village Schöppingen, form the starting point of the installation, which is related to the specific exhibition space.

The zero experiment as a reference experiment for the calibration of a measuring apparatus – ambiguously refers to the model of scientific experimentation.
The famous experiment on the refraction of light becomes the reference point for this artistic experiment. Since the photographic fixation of the image also takes place via a beam of light, a connection is established between the artistic and the physical experiment.
The space in which the experiment takes place changes it. Photographing the experiment becomes part of the experiment and leads to its independence. Transport containers and tools from the construction become an integral part of the installation and refer to the processuality of the work. The installation adapts to the particular exhibition space and integrates objects from its inventory. Overarching visual analogies, such as taking up motifs like optical grids, connect different storylines and locations. At the same time, these motifs refer to the cropped nature of the image and the perspectival nature of human perception.

Nullversuch, Experiment diary
Sketchbook, Printouts, ballpoint pen, fineliner on paper